2020 CWCF Membership Renewal Is Open

These are exciting times for CWCF.  We’ve begun implementing our strategic plan, and we’re already starting to see results in a number of areas, from working to grow our Tenacity Works Investment Fund, to partnering with Green Jobs Oshawa on a feasibility study for a worker-owned electric vehicle production facility at the old GM plant. We’re also working on implementing the Parcours worker co-op startup training program, and we recently concluded a successful conference in Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia. Meanwhile, we’re already looking ahead to the 2020 conference in Vancouver. In short, we’ve been busy.

While these may be exciting times for CWCF, we’re aware of the challenges currently facing both worker co-ops and society as a whole: rising unemployment, precarious employment, growing income inequality, the impacts of the climate crisis, and more. But these are challenges to which the worker co-op movement is well-positioned to respond. Through building equality and democracy in the workplace, through following sustainable practices, and in some cases by working directly in the green economy, worker co-ops help people address these concerns and build resilient communities. Thus our strategic plan maps out paths to strengthen worker co-ops and scale up the worker co-op movement.

We know that our members have found value in belonging to this movement, whether through technical assistance grants they’ve received, webinars or conferences they’ve participated in, or just the knowledge that they’re part of something bigger than themselves. That’s why we’re inviting our members to continue to participate in and strengthen the worker co-op movement by renewing their membership with CWCF for 2020.

Membership renewal for worker co-op members is now open:

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