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Conference 2016

Conference Reports


Conference Presentations   (for those that are available)

Andy Broderick, VP, Impact Market Development, Vancity and Managing Director, New Market Funds: Topic: Financing Worker Co-ops   

Tracey Kliesch, General Manager and CEO, CCEC Credit Union: Topic: Financing Worker Co-ops  

Elvy Del Bianco, Program Manager, Cooperative Partnerships, Vancity: Topic: Financing Worker Co-ops   

Isabel Faubert-Mailloux, Executive Director, Quebec Worker Co-operative Network / Réseau de la coopération du travail du Québec: Topic: Quebec Réseau presents its Parcours Coop or “Co-op Journey” 

   Parcours Coop 2015 Video 

Jamie Bohach,Strategic Client Manager, Western Region, The Co-operators: Topic: The Co-operators: Co-op Guard & Member Benefits 

Peter Hough, Affinity Consulting, Co-author:  People and Co-ops: Maintaining Mutual Respect and Dignity within Your Worker Co-op 

Marty Frost, DEVCO:  Topic: Strengthening your Co-op’s Value Proposition  

Isabel Martins,  La Siembra:  Topic: Strengthening your Co-op’s Value Proposition 

Denyse Guy, Executive Director, Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada  

General Conference Documents

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