CWCF Arts and Cultural Granting Program Seeking Submissions

Thanks to the generosity of the late CWCF past president Mark Goldblatt, CWCF is once again offering a small grant, up to $1000, to help pay for an arts and cultural projects to promote co-operatives (preferably worker co-operatives). There will also be a grant of $350, sponsored by the Big Idea Foundation, awarded to the second-place entry.

Eligible projects must be youth-generated (individual or a group/organization) and take place within Canada during the year following the application deadline (between May 1 to April 30). Eligible projects include visual art, music, a video, theatre, a cultural event, etc. Go to for examples of projects involving video and music, especially projects 3 and 4, which were created by youth.

The deadline for applications has been extended to April 30 this year.  CWCF will publicly share the project description, and eventually the project.

If you or your group is approved for support, we will provide a grant  for you to carry out the project as described, with up to $1000 awarded. The funds will be released 30 days after completion of the project, although an installment can be released for materials earlier upon provision of an invoice with receipts. Any significant changes to the project must get written approval by CWCF. A brief project report must be submitted within 30 days of the project end date. 

In order to be considered, the initial pre-screen criteria include the following:

  •       The key players must be between 18-35 years of age
  •       The project promotes co-operatives in general
  •       The project can be completed within the year.

All projects submitted will then evaluated using the following criteria, listed in order of importance:

  •       The project provides potential for impact to make the co-op model more known (i.e. visibility and accessibility for sharing the message of co-operation)
  •       Project has a clear plan/objectives/budget to ensure that it can be completed and within the one-year time frame.
  •       Project promotes worker co-operatives
  •       Project engages community and/or co-operatives
  •       Quality of the overall application (completeness and clarity)
  •       Originality of the project
  •   Applicant provided good examples of past work.

This grant may be matched with other funding, but this is not a requirement (explain in the budget description).CWCF works with worker co-ops, and multi-stakeholder co-ops which have substantial worker control. Projects that incorporate worker co-operatives, co-operatives and community engagement may receive preference, but it is not a requirement.

The form is available here. We look forward to receiving your submission! If you have any questions about the application process or the form, please contact CWCF’s Communications and Member Services Manager, Kaye Grant, at