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“CWCF Compared” – Short Video, and PPT

cwcf_compared_thumb_0Here’s a link to the “CWCF Compared” video on YouTube: Link to video, which presents in 6 minutes a bird’s-eye view of CWCF.  Presenter Hazel Corcoran wrote, “In making an Ignite-style presentation at the ACCA Gathering, fall of 2014, I took the advice I’d seen on making a memorable presentation — to make it outrageous.  So, the theme was “How CWCF is Both the Same as, and the Opposite of, the Acadian People.”  As a Cajun / Acadian myself on my mother’s side of the family, I felt that I would know enough about these topics to present them in an amusing yet informative way.”  Note that this is a slightly different version of the presentation made to the CWCF Conference in Wolfville, earlier in November.  The PowerPoint version is attached, below.