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Jessica Valentine

BC / Yukon Director / Administratrice pour la C.-B./ Yukon Wood Shop Workers Co-op
Travail 1245 Glen Drive Vancouver BC V6A 3M8 Téléphone professionnel: 604-265-2266


Photo de Jessica Valentine

Jessica Valentine has served on CWCF’s board since 2019. She has been a member of Woodshop Worker Co-op for the past six years, currently serving as its marketing director. She brings 15 years of sales and marketing experience to the role. 

Jessica believes in worker co-ops as a means of providing people with secure, meaningful employment in a collaborative environment. She joined the board of CWCF because of the organization’s desire to have a member from her region who could activate local communities. Community engagement is something she has experience with as the facilitator of the quarterly Vancouver social events known as Chats, Chews & Brews, organized by Vancity.

Deepening connections between CWCF members presents an opportunity for the organization, Jessica believes, and she hopes to further engage CWCF members through the use of social media and technology, areas she has considerable experience with. Jessica is also hoping to bring skills from her experience on the board back to Woodshop, in areas such as high level strategic planning. 

Jessica’s experience with CWCF has shown her that it provides valuable services to its members in the form of community resources, connectivity with the co-op movement, and solidarity in the co-op movement. She is also interested in helping CWCF pull together a resource library to assist co-ops by gathering existing materials so co-ops don’t have to “reinvent the wheel” when facing issues other co-ops have dealt with.