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Congrès nord américain de la coopération du travail et de la transmission d’entreprise


The conference is structured e two distinct and consecutive events.

An International Symposium on transfer of business to work cooperatives ,

the 11-12-13 October 2011 with two goals.

  1. Valuing the alternative formula work cooperatives for the redemption of enterprises without successors.
  2. Develop expertise of stakeholders through the exchange and analysis of their practices.

A North American Congress on labor cooperation under the theme of  » Cooperation without frontiers  »

the 13-14-15 October 2011, with four goals.

  1. Provide network actors of cooperation Quebec labor, other Canadian provinces and US * first historic opportunity to meet and share their expertise.
  2. Develop expertise of these players through the exchange and analysis of best management practices and governance of a worker cooperative.
  3. Formally establish a North American association of labor cooperation that will become part of America CICOPA (International Committee of production and handicraft cooperatives).
  4. Prepare and announce a joint statement federations involved in public policy favorable to the emergence and development of worker cooperatives in preparation for the International Year of Cooperatives declared by the UN in 2012.