Intake Process


This program is a 14-session training program is designed to help groups who already have a business concept. To qualify there must be at least three people committed to working together who have already spent some time forming their relationship with each other.  In addition, you must also have a business idea that has been sufficiently developed so that you are ready to start a business planning process working towards launch.  

Our intake process requires the following steps.  In some cases, the step will be completed collaboratively once by the group, while others will require that each member complete that step.  Please let Kaye Grant know of your intentions to apply and follow-up with your submissions as soon as you can.

The intake steps are as follows:

  1. Each member of the group should have already attended CWCF’s free webinar on “What is a worker co-op”. If you have not yet attended, you may find the schedule of these webinars posted on our website here.   Please let us know if you have missed this and we may be able to offer an alternative option. (Contact)

If you still wish to move forward, continue with the next step below.

  1. Complete this intake form here. In this form you will be asked for your business description.  And you will be asked to assign one member of the group to be the key contact for the following steps in the intake process.
  2. Each group member will then complete the program application here. The form will provide directions on where to submit it.
  3. Each member is to complete a Co-op Self-Assessment tool that can be downloaded from here.
  4. The group will meet and discuss their individual Self-Assessment responses together. Following this please also submit your individual Co-op Self-Assessment forms to Communications & Member Services Manager Kaye Grant.
  5. CWCF staff will review your intake form and applications and will contact you for an interview. We will attempt to schedule a virtual interview at a time which can be attended by all members of the group.
  6. If CWCF determines that your group and concept are a good fit, you will be notified of your acceptance in the Academy.

Note that this process may take a few weeks once we have all your application information. 

  1. If you are accepted, we will then require 50% of your fee payment; the remaining 50% will be due in the 6th week of the program. To make this program accessible we are able to provide financial support to enable your attendance.  Please advise us if your group is requesting a bursary. 

If your group is accepted, you will need to commit to the expectations of the Worker Co-op Academy’s program which are outlined in a letter of agreement.  One of the commitments is that if co-op launches, it will be expected to become a Regular Member of CWCF, both so that you can have the advantage of supports from the Federation and so that you can help “pay it forward” to other groups.  Please review the Information about CWCF member benefits here; types of members here; and about dues here

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