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Planification de la relève au moyen de l’option de la coopérative de travail

A business owner withdraws from a small or medium business. He explored respite options and decided to sell his company to its employees and its managers. They are committed to own and manage the business as a work cooperative.

In this report, we report information, knowledge and strategies that must be implemented to make such a decision, both on the part of the owner and workers. We explain the operation of a cooperative
work and the various options available to a business owner to approach retirement. We also examine the challenges and processes that will ensure the continuation and long-term success of the cooperative enterprise work.

In the coming years, we can expect a very large number of departures to the business owners to retire. The succession planning is a complex process for a business owner who is preparing for retirement, and employee buyout as a worker cooperative is an option worth considering seriously.