Alain Bridault devient membre du Comité exécutif de CICOPA

Alain Bridault 100x100_0CICOPA is the International Organisation of Industrial Production Cooperatives, Crafts and Services, sectoral organization of the Cooperative Alliance International (ACI).

At the meeting of the Executive Committee of CICOPA in February, CICOPA appointed Alain Bridault member of its Executive Committee. Mr. Bridault represent North America on behalf of the Federation of Canadian Worker Co (CFTC) which he is president while in receipt November 2009. Chairman of its work cooperative, Orion cooperative research and consulting (Québec), representing the Network of the Quebec Labour Cooperation at the CFTC, Alain Bridault is the first member of the Executive Committee of CICOPA from Quebec. By recommending the Committee, the President of CICOPA Javier Salaberria (Mondragon) described it as  » an extraordinary new friend .  » His appointment was approved unanimously.

Co-founder of Bachelor of cooperative administration at Laurentian University in Sudbury (1983-1988) and lecturer for many years in the Masters in cooperative management of the University of Sherbrooke. It will bring to this position his skills in governance and organizational and cooperative development.

The appointment of Alain Bridault follows the resignation of Ms. Bourgeois April q ui represented CTCF in the CICOPA Executive Committee for eight years. CWCF thank him very much. It thus complete the term of Ms. Bourgeois until November 2011. He will present his candidacy for a regular election at the general meeting of CICOPA to be held at the Congress of the AIT, to be held in Cancun in November.

One of the important issues that will lead Mr. Bridault the Executive Committee will be the launch of the Congress planning CICOPA North America to be held in Quebec City from October 13 to 15. Mr. Bridault working on reviving CICOPA-Americas in conjunction with the US labor federations and cooperatives in Latin America. The creation of such a sub-regional organization in North America is part of this process on the occasion of the holding in October of this gathering work cooperators from several countries will also be held a Congress on the transmission of businesses in worker cooperatives, from 11 to 13 October. For more information, see:ès2011.