Manuel Mariscal nouveau Président élu de CICOPA

Manuel My Manuel Mariscal, presidente CICOPA 100x_0riscal, the Spanish Confederation of Worker Cooperatives (COCETA), was elected President of yesterday CICOPA during the general meeting held in Cancún (Mexico).

The new president said in his speech the great importance of the job become a rare commodity these days, « It is therefore a priority that worker cooperatives show the world the way they do business, with methods democratic generating territorial and social cohesion. « 

Manuel Mariscal also said « it expects to receive support from all organizations of CICOPA, small as well as large. » It also looks forward to the assistance of the Vice-Presidents and the people responsible for the regions to achieve the objective of increasing the value « of the work, » fundamental to the future. « 

Mariscal is vice president and vice president COCETA CECOP-CICOPA Europe. He succeeds Javier Salaberria who was president of CICOPA for 6 years and turned it into a strong, global organization at this critical time when the worker cooperatives appear to be more necessary than ever.