About Common Good Capital

One of the many steps that the Canadian Worker Cooperative Federation (CWCF) has taken to embody its vision is the development of a Self-Directed Registered Retirement Savings Plan (SD-RRSP) and Self-Directed Tax-Free Savings Account (SD-TFSA) Program called Common Good Capital. This Program enables co-operatives and similar types of enterprises, including non-profit organizations (NPO’s), to capitalize their ventures with securities held within Registered Plans. Our Plans are fully administered by CWCF under an Agency Agreement with a bare trustee, and in accordance with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) regulations.

CWCF is pleased that Common Good Capital can be used by any co-operative, Community Economic Development Investment Fund (CEDIF), Community Economic Development Business (CEDB), Community Economic Development Corporation (CEDC) or non-profit organization (NPO) that is a member of CWCF and has eligible securities. Membership approval must be granted by CWCF’s Board of Directors.


As a result of changes to the rules governing Registered Plans in 2011, it is only possible for co-operatives and similar entities to use Common Good Capital if each individual investor holds less than 10% of the value of each class of securities in the co-op. Investments in co-operatives, business corporations and not-for-profit organizations in the amount of 10% or more of the total securities were previously allowed, but have been declared “Prohibited Investments” in order to make it more challenging for individuals to engage in tax avoidance. The FAQ section and other information about Common Good Capital should be read in light of the fact that the details are applicable only if investors will each own less than 10% of each class of securities.

For more information on Prohibited Investments, please visit:


Additional details can be found in the CRA’s Income Tax Folio regarding Prohibited Investments: 


CWCF DISCLAIMER: As administrator of the Self-Directed RRSP and Self-Directed TFSA Plans, CWCF does not take any responsibility for the investments made by Account Holders. CWCF does not provide investment advice regarding any of the assets held by the Plans, and acts solely upon written instructions from Account Holders.