Other Funding

There are a number of other worker cooperative-friendly sources for grants.

CWCF Emergency Relief Program

The Co-operators has a couple of funds that support community and co-operative development.   The Co-operative Development Program provides grants between $5,000 and 20,000. Additionally, you can find information about the CED Fund, which supports community economic development initiatives that lead to job creation and/or enhanced employability for marginalized populations.

Freedonia was founded in 1997 by Gary Moffatt as an expression of his lifetime commitment to anarchism and to building social and economic alternatives to capitalism. In keeping with this anti-authoritarian vision, Freedonia provides funding and other support for the development of movements promoting radical democratic and systemic change.  Freedonia disburses grants of up to $5,000 exclusively within the geographical boundaries of Ontario and British Columbia. There is a once per year intake deadline, generally in February or March. Check the web site for more information.

Carrot Cache Community Resource is a non profit corporation partnered with Carrot Common developer, David Walsh and The Big Carrot which funds projects in Ontario. A percentage of the Carrot Common Mall’s profits are allocated to support organic agriculture and co-operative businesses. Carrot Cache invests either in worker co-operatives, or organizations promoting organic agriculture and/or community food strategies.

For additional information on funding or financing your co-op, please consult this document.