Tenacity Works Fund

The Worker Co-op Fund, “Tenacity Works”, is an investment fund whose purpose is to create new and to expand existing worker-owned co-operatives in all regions of Canada. Tenacity Works is owned and operated by the CWCF. As a revolving loan fund, Tenacity Works usually has funds available for making loans. Funds are used to invest in worker, multi-stakeholder and worker-shareholder co-ops across Canada. The main purpose is to allow worker co-operatives to leverage a Tenacity Works loan to obtain additional financing from traditional lenders. To date, Tenacity Works has approved more than 35 loans. Loans are available for amounts between $15,000 and $50,000.

All investment decisions will be made by the Fund Investment Committee.This committee includes two CWCF Directors and three other members drawn from the co-op and credit union sectors in Canada. The committee members come with professional expertise in commercial lending, development investing, venture capital, and worker co-op development and management.

The Canadian Worker Co-op Federation gratefully acknowledges the support of Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC) in the establishment of the Worker Co-op Fund.

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