Allied Organizations

CWCF actively supports the worker co-op sector by building bridges to, and participating in, other key allied organizations.

CWCF is a member of CICOPA, the International Organization of Industrial and Service Co-operatives, a sector organization of the International Co-op Alliance. CWCF is also a member of CICOPA-Americas region and the North America sub-region. At both levels, the purpose is to exchange information about the worker co-op sector, associate federations across borders and plan government relations positions. 


Allied US Organizations

US Federation of Worker Co-ops

Democracy at Work Institute (DAWI)

NYC Network of Worker Co-operatives

New Economy Coalition


Allied Canadian Organizations

Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada

BC Co-op Association

Alberta Community and Co-operative Association

Saskatchewan Co-operative Association

Manitoba Co-operative Association

Ontario Co-op Association

Nova Scotia Co-operative Council

Co-operative Enterprise Council of New Brunswick

The Canadian CED Network


The Social Enterprise Council of Canada