Worker Cooperatives: Pathways to Scale

This paper aims to help build the field of U.S. worker co-op development by providing a current view of the cooperative landscape and by analyzing factors that inhibit or promote cooperative development. Although informed by the cooperative giants in Europe, this analysis highlights lessons learned through the development and growth of worker co-ops in the United States. Click here Worker Cooperatives: Pathways to Scale

Worker Co-op Resource Guide

This Resource Guide, in the form of web links to practical documents, is designed to be used as a reference guide by people considering the start-up of a worker co-op and organizations that support business development of various types, as well as by worker co-ops that are operating. Worker-Co-op-Resource-Guide_20_May_2018 fnl

RRSP Changes Guide Part 2, January 2013

January 24, 2013 Important Proposed Changes to Co-op RRSP Rules, by Hazel Corcoran If individuals in your co-op hold co-op shares in a self-directed RRSP, there are two important updates which CWCF wants to bring to your attention.  These updates are relevant in cases where individuals (or individuals along with related parties) held 10% or RRSP Changes Guide Part 2, January 2013

What is Sweat Equity?

by Peter Hough Sweat equity is generally considered all the voluntary unpaid work that is often required in the first years of a new business. This work is usually unpaid because the new business cannot afford to pay wages or salaries during start-up. The commitment by members to provide sweat equity is often essential for What is Sweat Equity?

Using Financial Models

Presentation by Peter Hough Objective: To learn to develop and use basic financial models to assist with budgeting and other financial decisions. Benefits: Assists in decision making: Shows relationship between financial parameters Easy comparison of options Sensitivity analysis – easy to vary the assumptions of multiple relationships Helps to make judgments on level of risk Using Financial Models

So You Want to Retire

Presentation by Peter Hough Excerpt: Key Issues: -Founding and Long Term Members Retirement Security Relinquishing member/ownership and it benefits Worker Co-operative New Members Viability Cash Flow Debt Load Knowledge Transfer …continued in attachment. So You Want to Retire_0

RRSP Changes Guide – April 2012

This document provides information on changes to RRSP programmes for Cooperatives. The information contained in this document is, for many, time-sensitive. Please download the file below. RRSP changes Guide fnl-2

Preparing and Marketing Financing Proposals: A Plain Language Guide for Worker Co-ops

Excerpt: The purpose of this Guide is to help you navigate the financial planning and marketing process for your co-op. There is really no distinction between what your business plan and/or financing proposals need in order to get approved by financiers and what your co-op needs in order to succeed. As a general rule: whatever Preparing and Marketing Financing Proposals: A Plain Language Guide for Worker Co-ops