Profiles of Social Purpose Organizations run by & for Equity-Denied Groups

Question 1: Why did you choose to pursue the Co-operative or Social Purpose Organization model for your business?

Question 2: What has pursuing this model allowed you to achieve that may have been more difficult with other (more traditional) business models OR How has the conversion process been so far?

Question 3: What is your organization’s social purpose and why?

Profile 1: Whole Woman Network

EDGs served: BIPOC & Immigrant Women & Youth

Profile 2: Indigevisor 

EDGs served: Indigenous 

Profile 3: Manitoba League of Persons with Disabilities

EDGs served: People with Disabilities

Profile 4: Resource Assistance for Youth (RAY)

EDGs served: Youth

Profile 5: Light work Co-op

EDGs served: refugees/ immigrants

Profile 6: Eadha Bakery

EDGs served: Queer

Profile 7: Makehouse co-op

EDGs served: Women

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