Member Dues

Each class of members has a commitment to pay dues to the CWCF based upon a formula specific to that class.

Worker Co-op Members

Worker Co-op Members pay dues based upon the wages paid by the worker co-op to its members, employees and/or contractors, limited by both a minimum and maximum amount of dues. This basis for dues was arrived at after much discussion. Because of the diversity of types of worker co-op businesses, basing dues on assets, or profits, or gross revenues was not considered equitable. Because wages and contract income represents a direct financial benefit which the worker co-op’s members receive through their participation in the co-op, this type of income is considered a good common yardstick upon which to assess dues. The rate is 0.15% of the wages paid. For example, a worker co-op which has $100,000 in wages, pays $150 a year. The dues payable are limited by a minimum of $50 and a maximum of $3,000.  In the first two years of membership, the dues level is a flat rate of $50/ year.

Regional Federation (RF) Members

Regional Federation Members pay a flat rate of $500 a year.

Worker Co-op Developers’ Network (WCDN) Members

WCDN dues are paid directly to CoopZone Developers’ Network Co-operative; membership in CoopZone gives a developer automatic membership in the WCDN.  The rate for Developers’ Network Members is $200 per year for an individual; for an organization, $200 for the first person, $100 for the 2nd and 3rd persons and $50 per person for any additional person(s).

Associate Members

Associate Members, as supporters of the CWCF, pay a flat rate of $500 a year.   RRSP Associate Members, who join in order to have access to the RRSP program, pay $100 per year.

To join please visit our Join page for more information and the application forms.