The University of Waterloo’s Legacy Leadership Lab

The University of Waterloo’s ‘Legacy Leadership Lab’ (L3) spearheaded Social Acquisition/ Business Conversion work through the Investment Readiness Program (IRP). They did great work to promote and educate about Business Conversions to address the current business succession dilemma in Canada, and also the major challenges to businesses posed by the pandemic.

As experts on the business conversion and social enterprise models, they created several outreach programs, which increased collective knowledge on the issue and highlighted community-led conversions that were influenced by L3.

The L3 Final Report includes details about the business conversion process, the need for business conversions/social acquisitions, and the Legacy Leadership Lab.

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Find out:         

What is a Social Purpose Organization?

What is a Social Enterprise?

What are some examples of business conversions/social acquisitions?

How does a business conversion work?

CWCF’s JEDDI Business Conversions project is funded by the Government of Canada’s Investment Readiness Program