Applications: Worker Co-op Academy


Next cohort launches Fall 2025


To begin your application:

  1. Email Kaye Grant at to notify her of your intentions to apply. All forms below should also be submitted to Kaye at the above email address.

  2. As a program pre-requisite, all group members must register for & attend CWCF’s free webinar “What is a Worker Co-op?”, offered monthly.
    Please contact Kaye if you encounter issues attending this Webinar before program intake, as we may be able to make accommodations


If after the Webinar you wish to proceed with your application:

  1. Complete the following forms and submit to Kaye Grant at

    1. Worker Co-op Academy Intake Form
      Provide your enterprise description & a Lead Contact from your group to complete the following steps of the intake process.

    2. A Program Application Form for EACH group member

    3. A Co-op Self-Assessment Form for EACH group member
      Meet with your group to discuss your results, then submit all individual responses.

  2. CWCF staff will review your Intake Form, Program Applications and Self-Assessments and will contact you to schedule a virtual interview for all group members to attend.

  3. If CWCF determines that your group and concept are a good fit, you will be notified of your acceptance in the Academy. Note that this process may take a few weeks once we have all your application information. 


If your group is accepted to the program:

To make this program accessible we are able to provide financial support to enable your attendance.  Please advise us if your group is requesting a tuition fee bursary. 

  1. 50% of your tuition fee payment is due upon program launch

  2. The remaining 50% will be due in the 6th week of the program

  3. All members of accepted groups are required to sign a Letter of Agreement, detailing the Worker Co-op Academy program expectations

  4. If your worker co-op successfully launches, your enterprise is required to register as a member of CWCF. This is so you have access to supports provide by CWCF, and so that you can help “pay it forward” to other groups. You can review CWCF member benefits, types of members, and member dues on the CWCF website.

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