Technical Assistance Grants

Thank you to Vancity for sponsoring CWCF’s Technical Assistance Grant Program

Funding & Eligible Activities

For CWCF Member Organizations

Technical Assistance Grants up to $4,000 are available to CWCF member co-ops to cover specialty consulting services such as marketing, financial administration, governance, expansion, conflict resolution or legal issues; as mutually agreed among the group, the co-op developer/consultant, and CWCF.

For Non-Member Organizations

Grants at smaller amounts are also available for non-member co-op start-ups, conversions, and expansions, to cover consulting services provided by members of the CoopZone Co-operative Developers’ Network, or by other consultants upon approval.

  • Pre-feasibility studies: a preliminary assessment of the viability of your business concept – STRONGLY RECOMMENDED (CWCF can provide a pre-feasibility list of requirements)
  • Project plans: a description of the steps required to take your idea from the conceptual stage to the concrete
  • By-law development
  • In addition, CWCF can assist developing worker co-ops by directing you to other sources of support for business planning and organizational development through CWCF’s Technical Assistance Consultation services.

Who Can Apply

Members of CWCF who are worker co-ops or multi-stakeholder co-ops with significant worker control, in operation for minimum one year.

Co-op start-up or conversion groups: a few grants each year may be allocated to start-up groups working towards incorporation, if there is not sufficient demand from existing membership. Start-up groups are required to commit to joining the CWCF upon incorporation. Please contact Kaye Grant to determine availability.

Given the small amount of funds available, it may not be possible to approve all applications that qualify.

Application Requirements

Please review the application form carefully to determine eligibility.

Visit the CoopZone website to review Co-op Developers available for contracting.

Technical Assistance grants prioritize eligible co-ops that meet the strategic priorities of CWCF.

CWCF will seek to ensure that grants are allocated fairly over different regions of the country.

Start-up groups that receive Technical Assistance funding are required to commit to CWCF membership for at least two years upon incorporation. See Become a Member on the CWCF website for full membership details.

When there is more demand for grants than available, the following criteria are considered: 

  • the value of the grant needs to be demonstrably able to make a difference to the need being addressed
  • geographic diversity in placing grants
  • match between the co-op’s need and the skills/ location of the consultant
  • CWCF reserves the right to provide funding only to a consultant of its choice 


Application Submissions & Questions

Kaye Grant, Operations and Member Services Manager



You can find the final report form here which is completed and submitted to Kaye at after your Technical Assistance project is completed.  This is required prior to the final payment being released.