Service Provider Directory

Welcome to the JEDDI Business Conversion Project’s Service Provider Database! Here you will find contact information for service providers who have expertise within the Co-operative, Social Purpose, and Social Enterprise sectors. If you are currently pursuing a business model conversion to a Co-operative (and other employee/ community owned structures) or a Social Enterprise OR developing one from the ground up, you have come to the right place. 

We have a variety of experts listed, including Co-op developers, Social Enterprise specialists, accountants in the Co-op or Social Purpose space, lawyers etc. This directory is tailored towards individuals and groups in Canada, and thus provides information on service providers nation-wide.

To optimize your search results, we recommend you search by the following 3 categories first:

  1. Type of service you’re looking for i.e. co-op development, co-op developer, legal (for lawyers), marketing etc.
  2. Location (province)
  3. Areas of Expertise

**If your search involves the word “Co-op” please be sure to try searching both ‘coop’ and ‘co-op’ spellings of the word. 

After clicking on the name of the service provider you’re interested in, a pop-up box will appear with details on the individual and/or their services.

*Note that a few of our service providers have agreed to offer their services to CWCF affiliated cases at free or discounted rates. If this is the case, this will be noted on the individual’s profile which pops up after clicking on their name.

**If an individual appears more than once in different categories, their services/ expertise falls into more than one domain.

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