Worker Co-op 101 webinar series

The Worker Co-op 101 series is targeted for members of CWCF’s worker co-ops.

Worker Co-op Introduction:

This is designed for people who are working in a worker co-op. It is most appropriate for those who have recently become members or who are thinking of applying to join their co-op, but anyone involved in a worker co-op is welcome to participate. It covers basic definitions, statistics on the movement, and the co-op principles as applied to worker co-ops, as well as some discussion on governance and management principles in a worker co-op and provides information about CWCF.

Worker Co-op Finance 101:

Many people feel intimidated by financial reports. However, without a thorough understanding of financial information, co-operative enterprises cannot succeed (whether for profit or not-for-profit). Worker co-op owners need to understand their co-op’s financial statements and how their jobs contribute to the financial performance of their enterprise. This webinar reviews the financial statements of a worker co-operative and provides important tools for understanding and using financial information.

Worker Co-op Governance 101:

This webinar discusses practices in good governance for worker co-operatives including discussion on the following governance-related topics:

  • How can worker co-ops move good workers to good member-owners?
  • Discussion about membership and responsibilities and how to share/disseminate that information to new members.
  • Participatory decision-making and problem-solving methods.
  • Improving democracy within the co-operative.