Co-op Developers

Why Work with a Co-op Developer?

Carrying out an effective co-op development process is crucial for the success of new co-operatives. It requires a broad set of skills, knowledge and experience. For most new co-operative entrepreneurs, although they have the vision of what they want their new co-op to accomplish, they often lack some of the required knowledge and experience to move the project forward. Filling this knowledge and experience gap is how an experienced Co-op Developer can be of great assistance.

Choosing the right developer is very important for your group. As with any professional service arrangement you must satisfy yourself that the developer has the knowledge and skills you are seeking. Beyond assessing their skills you also must be comfortable on a personal level with the developer, as you will be working very closely with the developer. In choosing a developer it is always good to ask them for references so that you can talk with others who have worked with them.

Lastly be sure to spend time up front with the developer to identify what needs you have, the approach the developer will use to assist you, the timeline for the work and of course what it will cost.

For more information and access to Worker Co-op Developers, please visit CoopZone.