Employment Law and Worker Co-ops

Guide written by Hazel Corcoran. Outline:  Definition of employee Law and bylaws Rights of members & employers Terminations and dismissals Role of unions Recommendations …continued in attachment. Employment Law Paper Final

Pricing for Profit

A presentation on pricing for profit from the CWCF’s AGM 2006. Excerpt: Objective: To gain an understanding of the basics of pricing in order to determine at what level of sales at a particular price, will enough revenue be produced to generate the wages and profits which the co-op requires. Why is Pricing Important: Price is Pricing for Profit

Worker Co-ops and Employment Law in Canada

Prepared for: Canadian Worker Co-operative Federation and Saint Mary’s University By John McNamara, Student, Master of Management Co-operatives and Credit Unions, St. Mary’s University Excerpt: 1.0 Introduction Worker co-operatives occupy a unique place in the economy and employment law. The employees of the organization also control the organization as owners. As a result, the workers Worker Co-ops and Employment Law in Canada

Worker Co-op Toolbox

Worker Coop Toolbox The above guide Supports Worker Co-op Formation and Expansion Developed by the North country Cooperative Foundation (Minnesota), the Worker Co-op Toolbox provides a new set of resources to assist potential worker co-op members and their partners in choosing, planning, organizing, and supporting new and existing employee-owned cooperatives. Thanks to Northcountry Cooperative Development Fund Worker Co-op Toolbox

Union-Led Buy-Outs

Guides drafted in spring 2009 for union-led conversions to worker co-ops from other business forms, by the Western Labour-Worker Coop Council. 1of4 Union-Led Buy-Outs – Coop Basics2of4 Union-Led Buy-Outs – Checklist3of4 Union-Led Buy-Outs – Steps4of4 Union-Led Buy-Outs – Success

Steps in a Worker Buyout of a Company

(1) Educate the supporters of the buyout. Supporters may include all of the hourly and salaried employees as well as local management. Frequently, in situations involving an organized workforce, those employees protected by a union contract are the initial proponents. (2) Establish a buyout association. Membership in the buyout association is usually open to all Steps in a Worker Buyout of a Company