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Technical Assistance Program Information

The program has 3 components: (1) the Grant Program, (2) the Co-op Index Program, and (3) the free CWCF Staff Consultation Program.  In the first two components, there is a total of $9,000 available per year[i].  Generally, 6 worker co-ops or multi-stakeholder co-ops[ii] will be able to receive assistance under the Grant Program, and/or the Co-op Index Program each year. Due to the small amount of funds available in this program and the limited administrative resources in CWCF, the enclosed application provides the CWCF with preliminary screening of the potential projects.  To pass this first stage, your group must be approved as an eligible co-op that meets the strategic priorities of CWCF.  CWCF will seek to ensure that grants are allocated fairly over different regions of the country. There is no set deadline, as applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. [1] NOTE: Worker co-op member dues in CWCF are…

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