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Technical Assistance Program Information

The program has 3 components: (1) the Grant Program, (2) the Co-op Index Program, and (3) the free CWCF Staff Consultation Program.  In the first two components, there is a total of $9,000 available per year[i].  Generally, 6 worker co-ops or multi-stakeholder co-ops[ii] will be able to receive assistance under the Grant Program, and/or the Co-op Index Program each year. Co-ops wishing to access the Grant and Co-op Index Programs must complete a short application form which is attached below. For the Staff Consulting Program, no application is required. 1. GRANT PROGRAM OUTLINE OF THE PROGRAM The Canadian Worker Co-op Federation (CWCF) is offering small grants to assist worker co-ops which are members of CWCF to hire a co-op developer or other professional to help with a challenge which the co-op is facing.  Assistance can be sought in any area needed such as marketing, financial administration, governance, conflict resolution, legal…

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