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Yellowknife Glass Recyclers Co-op

Yellowknife Glass Recyclers converted to an employee- owned co-op in July 2006 to take advantage of growing popularity of high-quality recycled glassware and the opening of a glass distribution retail store. The full story of this worker co-op conversion is attached as a pdf. Location: Based in Yellowknife, distribution markets across the Northwest Territories and the rest of Canada Legal Structure: Limited Workers Co-operative Type of activity: Production and marketing of recycled glassware Date of establishment: July 2006 Membership: 6 Latest Annual Revenues: $100,000 Key features: In 1994, Matthew Grogono founded a business that used a recycled washing machine as a converting device to cut bottles, grind rims and polish vessels into useable glassware. Since then, the business has developed a diversified line of products including drinking glasses, vases, bowls and candleholders of various sizes and colours. The patterns are created by local artists and reflect the unique ecology and…

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