CWCF Conference 2023: Stronger Together

Today, we are facing many challenges: the climate crisis, systemic racism, growing income inequality, and others. While the problems are clear, the solutions may not always be readily apparent. But there is one constant: we can best address these issues if we do so together.
That’s why “Stronger Together” is the theme of this year’s CWCF Conference. And It’s embedded in every aspect of this event, including:
  • Our presenters, including Bruno Roelants, Gabrielle Beaulieu, Rebecca Kemble, David Daughton, and Margaret Tusz-King can all speak to the value of solidarity and co-operation from their years of experience.
  • Our venue, Le Monastère des Augustines, an eco-responsible venue with exemplary sustainable development practices; a historic building primarily used as a wellness and yoga retreat centre.
  • Our collaboration with our partner in presenting this Conference,  Réseau COOP.
  • Our screening and panel discussion of the Réseau COOP’s documentary (R)evolution – Work is Human, which will showcase worker co-operatives’ inspiring solutions to current issues.
  • Our location in Quebec City, a beautiful setting that’s home to a thriving worker co-op sector we’ll tour and experience, capped off with a visit to the worker co-op microbrewery, La Barberie.
This Conference will serve to bring together the worker co-op sector from Quebec and the rest of Canada. By coming together across borders and cultures, we will know we’re not alone in building our co-operatives and this movement. The Conference will feature our usual engaging workshops and great networking opportunities, and remind us of both the diversity within our movement and the values we hold in common. We hope you’ll join us: register today!