Free Webinar: Facilitating Cooperation

Free Webinar: Facilitating Cooperation

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Online | Wednesday, January 17th, 2024 | 12 pm – 1 pm EDT (11 am CT / 9 am PT)

Facilitating cooperation requires listening – listening to yourself and your team members. At first, when we’re listening, it can be overwhelming to sort through the complexity and perspectives! By tuning in and practicing, you can hear the connections, the tensions, and the opportunities for resolve.

What does it take to facilitate a meeting and be able to address the complexity and the unexpected while moving your work forward effectively? How do you set up a flow for your team to listen and adapt as a facilitator?

Facilitation skills and tools can help you to hold your plan firmly (yet loosely), listen to your team members, and bridge the individual with the collective. When this all clicks together, it’s magical. To facilitate cooperation, you have to be able to pivot, be able to hear tensions and honor differences, and offer collective connection.

Come to this free webinar to learn cooperative practices* to listen in your facilitation, engage your team members and self, and align the collective.


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