Freedom Dreams Workshop Series Episode 4 – Freedom Dreaming: Creating Co-ops that Empower and Enliven Community

Freedom Dreams Co-operative Education is concluding its monthly webinar series with a special question-and-answer session with human rights advocate and community organizer Josephine Grey of St. James Town Community Co-op. The session will be a chance for participants to get their questions about how to create co-ops that meaningfully respond to community needs answered by a dynamic force in Ontario’s co-operative sector for more than 30 years.

Freedom Dreams Co-operative Education Program is an online and place-based workshop series that shares knowledge about co-operatives and the solidarity economy from a Black, Indigenous and Person of Colour (BIPOC) perspective.

The final workshop “Freedom Dreaming: Creating Co-ops that Empower and Enliven Community” takes place on Wednesday December 8th at 6pm EST.

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