Worker Co-op 101: An Introduction


October 16, 2023 at 12pm ET

The Worker Co-op 101 session is targeted for members of CWCF’s worker co-ops. This  interactive workshop is designed for people who are working in a worker co-op. They are most appropriate for those who have recently become members or who are thinking of applying to join their co-op, but anyone involved in a worker co-op is welcome to participate. It will cover basic definitions, statistics on the movement, and the co-op principles as applied to worker co-ops, as well as governance and management principles in a worker co-op and information about CWCF.


Hazel Corcoran – Bio

Executive Director of the Canadian Worker Co-operative Federation (CWCF) since 1995, and also (from 2009 through 2017) of the CoopZone Co-op Developers’ Network, Hazel has been involved in all aspects of worker co-op development and support including capitalization, advisory services, research and writing.  She has also been involved as a manager or director with other types of co-operatives and non-profit organizations.  Trained as a lawyer and fluently bilingual, Hazel has served the co-operative movement in a variety of other capacities, including as Director of Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada, (June 2013-June 2016), where she was Vice President for the last two years.   She was elected to the Board of The Co-operators representing the Alberta region in April of 2016, where she is now in her second term and serving as Chair of the Member and Co-operative Relations Committee.


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