Worker Co-op Conference

The Worker Co-op Conference is the only national event where worker-owners from across the United States gather to learn and build power together. Since 2004, this conference has inspired new businesses and collaborations, influenced the strategy of cooperative developers, and connected workers from cooperatives around the country. We have come together as worker owners, cooperative developers, policymakers, funders, and other allies, to make space for connection, education, skill-building, and sharing to improve the lives of workers and their families.

We are so excited to host the 2022 Worker Co-op Conference in Philadelphia this September 9th and 10th. While we have worked so hard to support co-ops from a distance during the pandemic, we can’t wait to see what we can do when we come together. We are focusing on what we’ve missed so much: in-person connection, innovative strategy, collective learning, and celebration!

The conference will take place over two full days, starting the morning of September 9th and ending in the evening on September 10th. 

The first day will include informal convenings, an outdoor table fair with a political rally, and our fall member meeting. Daylong workshops will take up most of the second day, and the conference will end with an outdoor party, featuring our Worker Co-op Awards ceremony.  For more details about the schedule see our Schedule & Track Info page. For questions about registration and logistics, visit our Logistics & COVID-19 Information page and Frequently Asked Questions page.


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