Worker Co-op Governance 101


April 19, 2023 12 pm ET

This webinar will discuss practices in good governance for worker co-operatives including discussion on the following governance-related topics:

  • How can worker co-ops move good workers to good member-owners?
  • Discussion about membership and responsibilities and how to share/disseminate that information to new members.
  • Participatory decision-making and problem-solving methods.
  • Improving democracy within the co-operative.

Please note this webinar won’t be recorded and slides will only be made available to participants.

The webinar presenter, Lynn Hannley, is the Managing Director of The Communitas Group Ltd in Edmonton.  The company, in business since 1972, acts as a development consultant primarily in the area of cooperative and community development. She acts as the overall coordinator of the various services which include housing development and project management, research and planning, community development, and co-operative and community economic development.

Over the years she has been involved in the development  of 61 housing projects, serving a broad range of incomes, whose total value exceeds 340 million dollars and provides housing for 2,128 households. She is also involved in research in the area of housing, education, community and co-operative economic development, health systems, and social policy. She has also been involved with the development of worker, multi-stakeholder, new generation, and community based cooperatives.  Lynn is also a past director of both CWCF and CoopZone.



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