JEDDI Business Conversion Project’s Q&A Web Form

Welcome to the Canadian Worker Co-op Federation’s Business Conversion Project Assistance Webform.

This is a space where inquiries and assistance requests can be submitted with regards to the business conversion process, particularly from a traditional business model to that of a Co-operative, Social Enterprise, and/or Social Purpose Organization (SPO). A conversion to a Co-op or SPO can be a daunting prospect, this webforum will act as a resource to provide incisive, relevant, and tailored information in order to make this process less overwhelming. 

Inquiries regarding the general development of a Co-op, Social Enterprise, or SPO, from any stage in the process, will also receive a response.

Responses will be provided within 72 hours by CWCF’s Justice, Equity, Diversity, Decolonization, and Inclusion (JEDDI) Business Conversion Project Team, with input from external Co-op/Social Enterprise experts when necessary. 

Please fill in the form below to submit your request.

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