Become a Member

The CWCF has four classes of membership. (Applications are attached at the bottom of the page)

Regular (Worker Co-op) Members – The regular membership is open to any worker co-op (this may include other corporate forms provided that the organization is democratically controlled by the workers) which supports the objects of the Federation.

Regional Federation Members – The regional federation membership is open to any federation of worker co-ops. These federations may be based upon a geographic area or upon a specific industry.

Worker Co-op Developer Members – The worker co-op developer membership is open to any member of CoopZone Developers’ Network Cooperative Ltd. which requests to be a member of CWCF’s Developers’ Network.  You must click on the link in order to obtain the CoopZone application form.

Associate Members – The associate membership is open to any organization that supports the objectives of the Federation.

Please scroll down if you cannot see the application forms.  If you have any questions about membership, please contact us.

Worker Co-op Member App Regional Fed Member App Associate Member App