All of the documents required for accounts and transactions within CWCF’s RRSP/TFSA Program are available to be downloaded. These forms are password-protected and can only be accessed by Program Members (i.e. Account Representatives). Please reach out to CWCF staff to receive the password.

Our Support Manual provides a detailed explanation and instructions for completing each form, so please refer to your manual when assisting Annuitants. The descriptions below are not fully comprehensive.

It is the Account Representative’s responsibility to ensure that you are providing investors with the appropriate forms based on their account type, preferred language and the category of entity that your organization falls under, as well as the most current version of each form. Please reach out to RRSP/TFSA Program staff if you have any questions.

Declaration of Trust
This document outlines the terms of the trust created between Concentra (as trustee of CWCF’s RRSP/TFSA Program) and the Annuitant when the application form is signed.
DoT – RRSP – English
DoT – RRSP – French
DoT – TFSA – English
DoT – TFSA – French

Program Overview & Investment Risk Acknowledgement
This document explains some key details about CWCF’s SD-RRSP/TFSA Program, including the relationship between CWCF, the Account Representative and the Annuitant. Annuitants must sign this form to indicate their understanding of the risks associated with the types of investments held by CWCF.
Risk Acknowledgement – Co-ops
Risk Acknowledgement – CEDs

Account Application
A separate application form must be completed by the Annuitant for each different type of account they wish to open (i.e. Non-Spousal RRSP, Spousal RRSP, and/or TFSA).
NOTE: A copy of a photo ID must accompany each new account application form.
Application – RRSP – Bilingual (for both spousal & non-spousal accounts)
Application – TFSA – English
Application – TFSA – French

Designation of Beneficiary
This form is optional, but if the Annuitant chooses to complete it, the original signed form must be submitted to CWCF.
Designation of Beneficiary

Fee Schedule
This form explains the various fees that pertain to an Annuitant’s RRSP or TFSA account.
Fee Schedule – Worker Co-ops
Fee Schedule – Non-Worker Co-ops
Fee Schedule – CED and NPOs

Payment Authorization Form
This form confirms that the Annuitant understands and agrees to pay all fees pertaining to their account.
Payment Authorization – Co-ops
Payment Authorization – Non-Co-ops

Deposit Form
This form must accompany the deposit of any cash or securities into an Annuitant’s registered plan.
Deposit – English
Deposit – French

Direct Transfer Authorization
This form must include details of the Annuitant’s registered plan with another financial institution from whom they intend to transfer assets to their plan with CWCF.
Transfer Authorization

Cooperative Corporation Shares Annuitant Declaration
This form is specific to Specified Cooperative Corporations, and must accompany all such security purchases to indicate that the Annuitant has confirmed they do not hold a Prohibited Investment.
Annuitant Declaration – RRSP
Annuitant Declaration – TFSA

Specified Cooperative Corporation Share Declaration
This form is specific to Specified Cooperative Corporations, and must accompany all such security purchases to indicate that an independent accountant has determined the securities are a Qualified Investment and also that they are not a Prohibited Investment.
Accountant Declaration – RRSP
Accountant Declaration – TFSA

Small Business Shares Annuitant Declaration
This form is specific to CEDIFs, CEDBs, CEDCs and NPOs (??), and must accompany all such security purchases to indicate the Annuitant has confirmed they do not hold a Prohibited Investment or Non-Qualified Investment.
Small Business Declaration

Issuer Representation Letter
This letter must be completed by the security issuer to confirm the Fair Market Value of its securities in the event that an Annuitant has requested/authorized any of the following transactions: security purchase, security redemption, in-kind contribution, and in-kind withdrawal.
Issuer Representation Letter

Security Register Confirmation Letter
In lieu of a share or bond certificate, this template must be provided to CWCF on the security issuer’s letterhead to confirm the number of securities registered to CWCF in trust for an Annuitant.
Security Confirmation

Withdrawal Request
This form can be sent directly to CWCF from an Annuitant if they wish to withdraw assets from their registered plan.
RRSP Withdrawal
TFSA Withdrawal