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Technical Assistance Program Information

[Also available in French; aussi disponible en français.] CWCF Technical Assistance Program  The Canadian Worker Co-op Federation (“CWCF”) offers small grants, through our accumulated reserves, to worker co-operatives to help pay for consulting services such as marketing, financial administration, expansion, conflict resolution or legal issues. For start-ups, co-op conversions, and expansions, grants can cover pre-feasibility studies (a preliminary assessment of the viability of your idea), project plans (a description of the steps required to take your idea from the conceptual stage to the concrete), by-law development, or other work required. The grants cover consulting services provided by members of the CoopZone Co-operative Developers’ Network, or by other consultants upon approval. In addition, CWCF can assist developing worker co-ops by directing you to other sources of support for business planning and organizational development. The program has 2 components: (1) the Grant Program, and (2) the CWCF Staff Consultation Program. Worker co-ops…

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