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2012 CICOPA World Music Project

WHEREAS we believe the best way to achieve the common good is through voluntary collective action and mutual self-help as described in the international principles of co-operation; WHEREAS music and song are powerful forces for change in popular movements for collective well-being; WHEREAS we believe that the worker co-operative model is the type of co-operative with the greatest potential to meet the need for sustainable employment around the world; WHEREAS the UN International Year of Co-operatives inspires us to create innovative, public projects of a co-operative nature in order to promote co-ops in general and worker co-ops in particular; WHEREAS the worker co-operators from around the world need to get to know each better; and WHEREAS music is a common language which when shared will help worker co-operators get to know each other better and help promote the message of worker co-operation, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that: CICOPA coordinate the…

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