Conflict Management in a Worker Co-operative with Brian Scott, December 5, 2017

This webinar presented information on concepts, tools and insights into how to reduce the potential for conflict and gain new ideas on how to deal with it when it appears.  Participants had the opportunity to share and learn from each other’s experiences and insights.

Brian shared and explored concepts and insights which he has gleaned and applied with some success throughout his life regarding conflicts.

The webinar explored the elements and meaning of conflict, and shared tools and concepts which may be used in dealing with various conflict management strategies. Fundamental concepts were shared and explored, including the underlying reasons for conflict resolution failures, the role of self-determination, recognizing when a solution is a problem, and key elements in arriving at a successful outcome.

The webinar presenter,  Brian Scott

Since 1982 Brian Scott has been a partner at The Communitas Group, a consulting firm which specializes in co-operative enterprise and cooperative housing development. As a development consultant, Brian wears many hats: facilitator & educator re: corporate establishment, governance, management structures, policy development and cultural practices; coordination & assistance regarding land procurement, contracts, and design; and input and advice re: environmental and energy strategies specifically as a generalist who has embraced an integrated design philosophy and works closely with the owner, designer and contractor team stakeholders to holistically seek an optimized sustainable design. Brian has also lived in a housing co-operative since 1978 and held almost every director position (except president). Finally, for a number of years, Brian delivered a full day workshop on Conflict management to NorQuest College.

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