Webinar on Indivisible Reserves in Worker Co-ops

Webinar on Indivisible Reserves in Worker Co-ops, October 6 at 12 pm ET

Presented by Prof. Sonja Novkovic and Hazel Corcoran.

Attend this webinar to learn more about the concept of indivisible reserves in worker co-ops.  In sum, an indivisible reserve is permanent co-operative capital.  This approach strengthens capitalization, and supports longevity of co-operatives.

Topics discussed will include:

– What is an indivisible reserve?

– What are the benefits, including protection of the purpose of the co-operative and boosting its resilience? Are there any disadvantages?

– What is the situation in countries and regions where it is mandatory?

– What is CWCF’s approach to indivisible reserves?

– How can your co-op include an indivisible reserve in its bylaws?

– How do you reflect it in your accounting system?

You can read more about how indivisible reserves can be an antidote to the demutualization of worker co-ops, in this article.  Those to whom this webinar is targeted are members of co-ops which have or may wish to create an indivisible reserve, and anyone interested in strengthening the worker co-op movement.

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