Program Assistant (Term Position) – Canadian Worker Co-operative Federation

The Canadian Worker Co-operative Federation (“CWCF”) seeks to fill a term position for a  Program Assistant with Common Good Capital (“CGC”), which is a Registered Plans Program  available to members of CWCF. This position will be a one-year part-time term (maternity  leave replacement), beginning December 5, 2022 and continuing until December 29, 2023,  with hours fluctuating throughout the year as follows (approximately):  

December: 8-10 hours/week (training)  

January: 15 hours/week  

February – May: 30 hours/week  

June – December: 15 hours/week  

This position includes unique responsibilities; as such, all training will be provided.  

Location: downtown Kentville, Nova Scotia, with option for some remote work as well 

Salary: $19.00/hour, plus eligibility for benefits after a successful probation period  

Position Summary  

Provide administrative support within Common Good Capital, which operates to enable  individuals to invest in co-operatives and similar types of enterprises through Self-Directed  RRSPs and TFSAs trusteed by CWCF. 

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