Seeking Worker Co-op Award Nominations

CWCF is seeking nominees for two awards:  the Worker Co-op Best Practices Award, and the Mark Goldblatt Worker Co-op Merit Award. 

The Worker Co-op Best Practices Award goes to a worker co-operative which has demonstrated best practices in governance and/or operations, including in upholding the values and principles of the co-operative movement within their co-operative, and has shared, or is willing to share their experience and learnings with other worker co-operatives in Canada.

The Worker Co-op Merit Award, named in honour of the late Mark Goldblatt, goes to an individual who has made outstanding contributions to worker co-operation in Canada.

Typically, awards are given annually to a co-op and/or individual in the region where CWCF’s Conference is being held, in this case, Quebec (2023). 



Nominations for either award may be submitted via this form by September 15th, 2023.

More information about CWCF’s awards is available here.