Staff Profile: Mateusz Salmassi

Based in Calgary, Mateusz Salmassi has served as CWCF’s Social Media Assistant since 2019. He is responsible for creating and posting content for CWCF’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds, and has overseen a steady growth in followers for all of these, particularly Instagram.

Mateusz has long had an interest in creating a more just world, inspired by his experience growing up with a father who worked long hours for low pay. He wondered why this had to be the case and how it could change, and when he learned about worker co-ops, “a huge lightbulb” went off in his brain.

In his work with CWCF, Mateusz has sought to share the promise of worker co-ops more widely, harnessing the power of social media to engage people who might not otherwise know about them. He seeks to present worker co-ops as solutions to people’s daily, lived experiences, and would like to see a greatly expanded worker co-op sector.

Mateusz is currently pursuing his BA in Psychology at the University of Calgary, where he is also a contributor to the Gauntlet student newspaper and a founding member of Students for Direct Action,  a campus club focusing on economic, environmental, social, and student issues. Although activism consumes much of Mateusz’s spare time, he’s also an avid soccer player, and enjoys reading, dancing and cooking, particularly with traditional Iranian ingredients he grows himself.