The Co-operators’ Group Benefits – Webinar for CWCF Members-2016 09 12

The Co-operators has created an insurance program, Co-op Guard, which is designed to meet the needs of co-operatives across Canada, including the members of CWCF. One of the many products included in Co-op Guard is Group Benefits.

Offering group benefits is an excellent strategy to attract and retain key employees and can increase both morale and productivity within your organization. This webinar provided information about the Group benefit program.



Why choose The Co-operators?

The Co-operators has 70 years of history as a co-operative. Its focus extends beyond increasing profits and share values to a concern for satisfying the needs of clients, member organizations, staff members and communities. CWCF is one of the 43 member organizations of The Co-operators, which means that CWCF shares in the financial success of The Co‑operators.  (CWCF’s Executive Director, Hazel Corcoran, is now on the Board of The Co‑operators.)

The Co-operators has been offering employee benefits since 1947.

The Co-operators provides coverage for groups that range from 3 employees to over 1,000.

They offer packages to a variety of industries however are a preferred carrier in the co-operative and not-for profit sectors.

All plan members and plan sponsors have access to our state-of-the-art technology to assist in managing their coverage and administration needs.

Some of the practical ways The Co-operators has shown its support to the co-operative movement :

The Co-operators has pledged $10 Million to the Canadian Co-operative Investment Fund in support of co-operative capitalization – a Fund which CWCF believes will be beneficial to new and existing worker co-operatives, including for business successions to worker co-ops; the expected launch is in the fall of 2016.

In 2015, The Co-operators contributed $5,807,140 to Canadian co-operatives, not-for-profits and charities – equal to 3.5% of pre-tax profits.