2012 CICOPA World Music Project

WHEREAS we believe the best way to CICOPA100x100_5achieve the common good is through voluntary collective action and mutual self-help as described in the international principles of co-operation;

WHEREAS music and song are powerful forces for change in popular movements for collective well-being;

WHEREAS we believe that the worker co-operative model is the type of co-operative with the greatest potential to meet the need for sustainable employment around the world;

WHEREAS the UN International Year of Co-operatives inspires us to create innovative, public projects of a co-operative nature in order to promote co-ops in general and worker co-ops in particular;

WHEREAS the worker co-operators from around the world need to get to know each better; and

WHEREAS music is a common language which when shared will help worker co-operators get to know each other better and help promote the message of worker co-operation,


CICOPA coordinate the 2012 International Worker Co-op Songwriting Project.

If this resolution is approved, CICOPA will:

  1. Request that its member federations coordinate, on a voluntary basis, the writing of a song about worker co-operation, or on co-operation more generally.
  2. Compile the songs into a CD.
  3. Seek to coordinate the holding of on-line concerts (e.g., simultaneously using livestream; group skype, and/or recording onto Youtube), and in-person concerts where possible, in which singer-songwriters perform all of the songs of worker co-operation.

It is not expected that all of the 45 members of CICOPA would participate. If only a few participate, this would be worthwhile.

The end result could be a CD filled with songs in the style of (as examples) Brazil, Argentina, Japan, China, France, Canada, the United States, Hungary, Columbia, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Paraguay, Sweden, Slovakia, Tanzania, Uganda, the UK, Denmark, Bulgaria, and /or Poland! (This list of countries was given not to be exhaustive, but because they were represented at the CICOPA GA in Cancun.)

[For an idea of the potential, check out: Playing for Change. Here is their very inspiring song, recorded all over the world, Stand by Me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Us-TVg40ExM. Their web site is: http://playingforchange.org/]