RRSP Program Overview

ABOUT OUR RRSP/TFSA PROGRAM:The Canadian Worker Co-operative Federation (CWCF) administers a Self-Directed RRSP (SD-RRSP) and Self-Directed TFSA (SD-TFSA) Program. This Program was developed to enable co-operatives and similar types of enterprises (Program Members) to capitalize their enterprises with securities held within a Registered Plan. CWCF’s Plans are registered with the Canada Revenue Agency (“CRA”) and RRSP Program Overview

Current Program Members

Below is a partial listing of Specified Corporate Co-operatives, Non-Specified Co-operatives, Community Economic Development Investment Funds (CEDIFs), Community Economic Development Businesses (CEDBs), Community Economic Development Corporations (CEDCs) and Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) who are members of CWCF’s RRSP/TFSA Program. Individuals with investments in these organizations may choose to hold those securities in a Self-Directed RRSP or Current Program Members

Current Program Members List

Member Name Contact Name Phone Email Location Website Crowsnest Opportunity Development Cooperative Shar Cartwright (403) 562-8858 scartwright@albertacf.com Blairmore, AB   Local Investing YYC     info@localinvestingyyc.ca AB www.localinvestingyyc.ca Sangudo Opportunity Development Cooperative Dan Ohler (780) 785-3700 SangudoODC@gmail.com Sangudo, AB               BCA Growth Fund Ltd. Gerald Campbell (902) 567-0000 geraldc55@gmail.com Current Program Members List

Contact Us

CWCF’s RRSP/TFSA Program is administered by staff in Kentville, Nova Scotia. Address1-41 Aberdeen StreetKentville, NS   B4N 2M9 Phone (902) 678-1683 Fax(902) 678-0780 Our RRSP/TFSA Program Staff members are: Kristin Van HattemRRSP/TFSA Program Managerrrsp@canadianworker.coop Josh DykeRRSP/TFSA Program Administratorjosh@canadianworker.coop Laura MacDonaldRRSP/TFSA Program Assistantassist-rrsp@canadianworker.coop  

COVID-19 VIRUS Resources

Last updated May 14, 2020 The continued spread of the COVID-19 virus has understandably generated many concerns and questions. CWCF encourages its members to follow the information provided by the following sources, while keeping in mind that the situation is fluid and subject to rapid change. We will be updating this page as more resources COVID-19 VIRUS Resources