CICOPA at the ICA & ILO joint event on the Future of Work in Geneva

(from the Winter 2019 issue of CICOPA Link)

In commemoration of the ILO Centenary, the ILO and the ICA had co-organized in Geneva on 24th of June a conference to reflect on the role of cooperatives in addressing key issues in the future of work and promoting decent work.

A panel discussion was organized with representatives from governments, workers’ and employers’ organizations, the cooperative movement and UN agencies.

Reema Nanavaty form CICOPA’s member organisation SEWA (India), member of the Global Commission on the Future of Work, made a powerful intervention. Former CICOPA President Manuel Mariscal opened the session where the book “Cooperatives and the World of Work” was presented in attendance of the authors. 

memorandum of understanding was signed by ILO and ICA on a future partnership.