Update from the CICOPA Congress

(from the Winter 2019 issue of CICOPA Link)

Last 13 October, in the framework of the ICA Global Conference in Kigali, CICOPA organized its Congress. For the occasion, members from all over the world elected their new President and the new board members for the renewed mandate 2019 – 2023.

Iñigo Albizuri Landazabal, director of Institutional Relations at Mondragon Corporation in the Basque Country (Spain) was elected new president of CICOPA.
Read the press release and a see the President’s short video declaration.

Among the board members, some candidates have seen their mandate renewed and other joined for the first time. The new CICOPA Board is now composed of the following representatives: 
– Apolinar Ortiz Hernandez, CICOPA North America
– Carlos Acero, CONFECOOP (Colombia)
– Dov Orian, CNC (Mexico)
– Esteban Kelly, USFWC (USA)
– Giuseppe Guerini, CECOP – CICOPA Europe
– Isabel Faubert Mailloux, CWCF (Canada)
– Janusz Paszkowski, NAUWC (Poland)
– Luis Alvez, CICOPA Americas
– Myriam Baez Rojas, CONPACOOP (Paraguay)
– Nicolas Pelichotti, CICOPA Mercosur
– Nobuhiro Furumura, JWCU (Japan)
– Olga Pegoraro, AGCI (Italy)
– Rostislav Dvorak, SCMVD (Czech Republic)
– Sion Whellens, Cooperatives UK (UK)