CWCF Welcomes New Executive Assistant

CWCF is pleased to announce the hiring of Chloë Williams as our Executive Assistant. Based in Montreal, Chloë first got involved with the co-operative sector as a worker-member and co-founder of the Hive Cafe Solidarity Co-operative at a student-run multi stakeholder co-op at Concordia University, where she is currently an active board member. She recently completed a Masters of Business Management, Co-operatives and Credit Unions out of Saint Mary’s University where she developed a passion for co-operative conversions as a means of succession planning. Chloë is excited by the opportunity to continue to grow her knowledge of the co-op sector while working with worker co-ops across Canada. When she isn’t busy organizing in her community or actively participating in democratic processes she can be found playing ultimate frisbee! Welcome, Chloë!