CWCF’s 2019-2022 Strategic Plan

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To be a growing, cohesive network of democratically controlled worker co-ops that provide a high quality of worklife, and support the development of healthy, just and sustainable local economies, based on co-operative values and principles.


  • To work in solidarity with our members to achieve our Vision of a Co-operative Economy;
  • To support the development of new worker co-ops;
  • To strengthen the Federation, to animate the worker co-operative movement; and
  • To represent and promote the Canadian worker co-op movement in Canada and internationally.

Strategic Priorities 

  • Engage and strengthen current members (Worker Co-ops & Regional Federations)
  • Build Solidarity Economy[1]
  • Build Awareness and Scale-up Worker Co-operatives


  • Grow and strengthen worker co-operatives
  • Develop and strengthen the worker co-operative eco-system
  • Increase the capacity and resources available to CWCF

Key Activities

  • Engage worker co-op members in a variety of ways; in-person, social media, Loomio, and conferences
  • Improve the Technical Assistance Program including grants component
  • Build up and strengthen leadership
  • Grow the Tenacity Works Investment Fund
  • Enhance management skills in worker co-ops
  • Support worker co-op development
  • Promote and demonstrate the value of the worker co-op model
  • Collectively collaborate with solidarity economy organizations
  • Develop a pilot project for worker co-op start-up training and collaboration
  • Work more closely with our Quebec Worker Co-op Federations
  • Develop a marketing strategy for co-op business succession

[1] Note the five principles of the solidarity economy (Kawano, Emily, Solidarity Economy, Building and Economy for People & Planet)

  1. solidarity, cooperation, mutualism;
  2. equity in all dimensions (e.g., race, ethnicity, nationality, class, and gender, etc.);
  3. participatory democracy;
  4. sustainability; and,
  5. pluralism.