Shop in Solidarity


Co-operation between co-ops is one of the co-op movement’s seven principles,  and with that in mind we’ve developed a simple way to bring this principle to life: Solidarity Shopping.

Modeled on the initiative developed by the US Federation of Worker Co-ops, CWCF has established a one-stop shopping site that we encourage all of our members to use. Whatever it is you’re selling, and whether you’re offering it online, in person, or both, we want to get the word out – and doing so is as easy as completing this form.

We’ve already got links to the great products and services offered by our members available on our website. During a recent focus group about our revamped website, attended by members of some of our worker co-ops, all the participants agreed that Solidarity Shopping is an important feature and one they wanted us to publicize more effectively. We are exploring ways we can better highlight Solidarity Shopping, but in the meantime, our most effective means of promotion is you. So please, help us spread the word!